ALFA1 Military Stainless Steel Canteen

Stainless Steel Canteen

ALFA1 Military Stainless Steel Canteen & Kidney Style Cup

The ALFA1 Military Stainless Steel Canteen is designed and manufactured to strict military specifications for multiple applications. Its strong enough for the armed forces, it’s definitely strong enough and everlasting for normal daily use. Our Canteen is fully compliant with USFDA, NSF and other applicable standards. The ALFA1 Stainless Steel Military Canteen can also be used as a signaling device in lieu of mirror in the event that the user is lost during hiking and other recreational activities in the wilderness or mountainous areas. The mirror polished surface can be used to reflect an optical beam of sunlight to rescue team and helicopters.

Strong Built Canteen

Outdoor adventure equipment built to its durability and multiple use. Excellent addition kit to your survival in adventure tour.

US FDA Stainless Steel Materials

All Gaskets US FDA and NSF materials

Electro Polish for ease of use and maintenance

Free of any hazardous chemicals such as BPA, phthalates, lead, or other toxins.

Designed for military duty and field usage.

Ideal for hiking, camping, travel, home, office, hunting, extreme outdoor sports or enthusiasts

Stainless Steel Canteen's Benefits

Provides clean, healthy and safe water anytime anywhere. It is cost effective, easy to carry, durable and a reliable & eco-friendly option camping, hiking, traveling, etc.

ALFA1 Military Kidney Style Cup

ALFA1 Military Stainless Steel Kidney Style Cup is designed and manufactured to same strict military specifications and standards as Stainless Steel Canteen perfectly nest inside the Kidney style cup for easier carrying and storing.
Stainless Steel Cup

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